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Stepping Stones Pediatric Clinic Testimonials

Stepping Stones Pediatric Feeding Clinic is a rehabilitation facility for children facing feeding challenges, speech & language difficulties. Our experienced clinicians, intensive & successful therapy programs, nurturing environment, holistic approach with carefully selected calming music, neurologically stimulating art aid in providing children and their families with a unique and wonderful experience in therapy.

I have been working with Mrs. Torres and our patient for 6 months and have had the privilege of witnessing the most effective speech and swallow therapy in my career. Not only is Mrs. Torres the BEST at what she does, she is skilled in building trust and rapport with the kids; the key to success in therapy. She is fluent is ASL, knowledgeable in Sensory Processing Disorders, and an excellent instructor for parents and caregivers in using the technique/tools with their children at home. Stepping Stones clinic is a shining gem in the therapy community; I highly recommend Mrs. Torres and her clinic in caring for your child’s speech and swallow needs.

—Linda Davis-Mendoza, LVN

I have seen only improvements since my son jaden’s started with your clinic. I have gone with him, I know he loves it because he gets so excited. Thank you for all your help.

—Edward Torrez (father)

Hola Mrs. Yadira, I just wanted to take this time to let you know how thankful I am; for the services you are providing for my son William. I cannot believe how much progress he has made in such a short time, I could see how well William would do for you here at home, but I would have never known how much better he would do at your office; within the first seven days I could see a tremendous change in my son it has been an overall improvement. When all other therapists had given up on my son, saying he had reached all he was going to do; when saying he was not going to improve, when they said I was wasting tax payers money by asking for these services and that he has already reached a plateau. You and you alone Mrs. Yadira, have showed me that there is no such thing as a plateau, children get sick, have more seizures, get a growth spurt or something like that will stop from improving for awhile. We as parents should never stop looking for help just because someone says your child will not get any better. I wish the therapist that worked with him could see William and see how well his doing. I believe as long as there is hope, faith and the will to work with our children they will improve. Seeing William holding his head up and pulling himself up with your help brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Mrs. Yadira, may God bless you and your team; and give you all the knowledge you need to continue running your office in perfect harmony, may he put his angels all around you and your place of work. May each and every child that you work with be blessed just like William. May the love for God always coming first and your faith stay strong! Thank you

—Minnie Puente (Parent)

I am very happy that Stepping Stones has helped my daughter to advance to eating by mouth and drinking water. My daughter has also spoken words and has learned to speak sign language. She has also advanced to making more sounds by mouth and saying words.

—Elisa Cordoza (Parent)

One of the best discoveries I’ve made since my son was born has been Yadira Torres and her devoted practice. My son requires multiple doctors and therapists to achieve his highest success, but I just cant imagine our lives and what it would be like without Yadira and her gifted team. Yadira’s dedication and significant involvement with my son, has made me feel like we are not alone on this sometimes overwhelming journey. She has made it a point to be involved with his doctors and other therapists to ensure the safest yet most successful outcome with her treatment. I feel I am able to talk to her about anything regarding my son, and she is able to provide great information and direction. She rises above all in her dedication and concern and I do not hesitate to recommend her and her clinic to other parents who want the most professional knowledge caring, and dedicated & reliable team in San Antonio and I have met many. Since meeting Yadira in 2008 I’ve seen my son go from completely NPO to now eating textured foods & drinking thickened liquids. I have finally heard my sons voice after 2 ½ years of waiting. My son has had many obstacles, but I feel none are impossible with Yadira by our side. Yadira has been present for many of my sons in hospital procedures, actually in the surgery room and always provided her input and guidance. We started out with in home visits and have worked our way, with Yadira’s guidance, to now attending her magical clinic. It only requires one meeting with Yadira or one look at her clinic to know you are in the right place. Yadira submerges herself into your child’s body, mind heart and soul and will make a lasting impression. You and your child will never forget both in your heart and in your child’s future. If you’re looking for the best….you have found it. I would give my name and phone number to anyone who wants a referral from a fellow special needs parent.

—Kelly Coleman (Parent)

My name is Jennifer Espinoza, LVN and I have had a year with Stepping Stones. Within the year, I have been with five other patients at different clinics for speech. I have seen major changes with Erilys here at Stepping Stones. The clinician is very knowledgeable and even shares her knowledge with us nurses. Some of the changes I have seen Erilys experience is her communication skills both signing and little verbalization. Other patients have not made as big changes. Erilys now really communicates to us if she wants something or not. As far as coming to the clinic I have seen even better changes with my patient, she is very alert each time we come in. Even on her worst days, she can become great. I would really recommend coming into the clinic verses outpatient clinic.

—Jennifer Espinoza,(LVN)

Experience with Company: Professional. How Therapy helped Erilys: Accomplishments-Tasting, vocalizing, better management of secretions, imitating mouth/lip movement, communicates through smile, head and body movement. Clinicians Knowledge: Excellent- Explains everything. Companies services: Therapist present for certain Dr. Visits. Experience at clinic: wonderful, Erilys loves it. Erilys response to outpatient clinic: she loves it, enjoys it every time. Highly recommend this clinic true personal interest is shown.

—Esther Arriaga (Parent)

Miss Yadira has made Speech Therapy an awesome experience! I wouldn’t trade her or her staff for anyone else! She has helped my son tremendously! Although we do work at his pace, he has come such a long way, coming from a child who refused to even touch food to one who requests it now. To a child who didn’t even babble, to one who likes to hold conversations. At the age of 2 he now knows around 100-125 signs (ASL) and speaks around 30= true words! With her help our son can now communicate and we can help him more effectively. Our household went from chaotic and overwhelming to quite and peaceful and more enjoyable. I admire that she never gives up. She’s proved that she’s in this for the long run. She always seems so determined. She will try every trick in the book and once we’ve exhausted every technique to her knowledge she sacrifices her sleep to discover new ones. She attends workshops, conventions, and even communicates with other colleagues. Another thing I’ve found very helpful to me as a parent is when she attends doctor’s appointment with us. Let’s be honest as unprofessionals, we don’t always understand the medical field lingo and at times we don’t even have the slightest clue in what to tell or ask the doctor! She cares so much about her patients she feel she must be in tuned with them at all times and this is why she works along side with your child’s doctor as well as their other therapists. My son loves her and trusts her. He looks forward to therapy every week because I believe besides the work he also has a lot of fun in clinic. He does very well in clinic as opposed to home health care. Well, our home was just a huge distraction to him. He called the shots, and she was limited to what she could bring or do. Her in clinic were no longer a distraction or a crutch as we like to say, since she prefers to do therapy one on one while we wait in the waiting room. I like that its child and adult friendly and comfortable. I wouldn’t recommend it any other therapist. She’s top notch, good quality in my opinion!

—Erica Campos (Parent)

Wow! Where do I start? As a nurse providing Home Health Care, I have had the joy and pleasure of knowing Yadira professionally since 2006. During this time, Yadira has provided services to a lot of my personal clients. The care, concern & preparation for each client is evident for each session. As a therapist, Yadira goes above and beyond the standard of care with constant research and ongoing education. I value her professional expertise and cheer each time a client reaches their milestones. When asked for Speech/Feeding therapist recommendations, I don’t hesitate to give Yadira’s name due to my client’s experiences with her. Children love to go to Stepping Stones Pediatric Clinic. Therapy starts when you open the door. Bright happy murals welcome you and immediately start a new conversation each time. Above and beyond the standard describes the clinic as well as Yadira herself. The attention to the overall child is vital to her therapy success. Yadira’s successes with difficult cases are a testament to her abilities and her ethics that you don’t give up on a child’s future, so they can be the best they can be.

—Rhonda (Nurse)

Stepping Stone is phenomenal! Children engage in individualized feeding and drinking techniques, and acquire a variety of communication skills at the child’s perception level. Brandon is a boy, diagnosed with Shaken Baby Syndrome, as of the age of 10 days. Within the last few years, he started to eat puree foods by mouth. Over several weeks that Brandon has been attending speech therapy, In Clinic, it has made a world of difference. He seems more attentive, cooperative, willing to learn and in turn his feeding and drinking have improved. Thou, these are great accomplishments, what impresses me more: is Yadira’s love and dedication for these children. She never stops thinking of new ideas to improve her Speech Therapy techniques whether it’s for feeding or communicating. She truly has GOD’s blessing. Thank you, for all your assistance

—Anna C (Nurse)