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    As the saying goes practice makes perfect. With our years of experience you can bet on us to get the job done exactly to your specifications.

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    Education and experience don’t count for much if you don’t present yourself in a professional manner. Stepping Stones Pediatric Clinic makes sure that every member of our staff always presents the image we want our company to have.

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Pediatric Care

They say that all of life's improvements begin with a simple step. We over at Stepping Stones Pediatric Feeding and Speech Therapy Services are here to accompany you and your loved ones to a better life. We focus primarily on children, those who are under 21 years of age, and we are here to present those in San Antonio a comprehensive and therapeutic approach to speech and language therapy with the specialization in feeding difficulties (Dysphagia).

We also believe that no two of our patients are alike. Our feeding, speech and language services are tailored to a wide variety of issues such as; cerebral palsy, Treacher Collins, trisomy, ret, autism and other developmental delays. Our multifaceted and interdisciplinary staff is always upgrading and updating their methods to meet the diversity of our patients.

Living with impediments including those relating to speech and language is a serious issue. If left unchecked, many people who suffer from these ailments can develop further problems with their self esteem, socialization and even future career options.

This is why it is important for minors with these complications to see a professional therapist. We offer full, comprehensive solutions and treatments that are designed for you and your loved ones. The time has come for you to discover what countless numbers of satisfied patients in San Antonio already know. The Stepping Stones experience will not only meet your expectations, it will go beyond them.

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