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Stepping Stones Pediatric Care

The stepping stone approach is both integrated and comprehensive. Our clinicians are fully certified and trained in virtually all aspects of speech therapy, language and feeding. We believe, and we want families in San Antonio to know, that successful therapy can best be attained by having the whole family unit participate. We also offer a fully immersive experience. Our murals, for instance, are designed to stimulate the neurological changes that increase appetite, language and sensory integration.

Furthermore, our murals also provide a warm and welcoming environment for families and children. We understand that many children who have speech and feeding difficulties spend a lot of time inside the hospital. Thus, by creating an enjoyable, colorful and positive atmosphere our murals not only have proven benefits, but they also provide an overall fun and colorful experience for you and your kids.

Aside from improving speech and feeding, we at stepping stones also want San Antonio to know that we have also developed successful methods to improve posture. If a child is faced with scoliosis, we know and specialize in the appropriate ways to ameliorate their condition. Not only is this good for the physical development, it has also been demonstrated to improve cognitive awareness.

Our clinicians are certified in such diverse therapies as Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing, American Sign Language, Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation, Vital Stim Certified, Interactive Metronome, Beckman Oral Motor, Integrated Listening Therapy, Myofascial Manipulation, Fluency Therapy and Augmentative Device Programming. Moreover we also sell oral motor therapy supplies and audio products that aid in the development of brain wave patterns.

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