About Stepping Stones Pediatric Clinic

Though Stepping Stones Pediatric Feeding & Speech Therapy Clinic has been around for a few years, Yadira Medina, Stepping Stone's proud owner, has actually been practicing for almost two decades. To Yadira, Stepping Stones is not just a clinic. It is a passion. Yadira's knowledge and dedication comes from both personal and professional experiences. And her background is what animates her professionalism and seasoned diligence that she brings to children and families in San Antonio.

Having witnessed her son going through severe medical complications that jeopardized his life, Yadira vowed to dedicate herself to helping children. After getting a degree in speech pathology, she has worked in a variety of different settings in the San Antonio area. She realized that the home environment was wonderful but that children needed to have more stimulation. She opened Stepping Stones Pediatric Feeding and Speech Therapy clinic in 2011.

Yadira`s dedication and hard work has been recognized by those in San Antonio and by other renowned and illustrious institutions such as the American Speech and Hearing Association as well as the Texas Speech and Hearing Association. She is also actively involved in a variety of community services in San Antonio such as the March of Dimes. Her outstanding success rating, 98%, was crucial in growing her facilities from a 500 square foot office to an impressive 5000 square foot clinic. She has gained the respect and admiration from the Who's Who of Executives and Entrepreneurs in 2012 and 2013th respectively.

When people bring their children to Stepping Stones, they are bringing them to an institution that has gained the respect and admiration of many who have had to deal with speech therapy and feeding problems. With an outstanding referral rating and recognition from some of the most authoritative institutions in the field, Stepping Stones Clinic is the first, last and only choice, for you and your loved ones who are in need of a superior and reliable therapeutic service for minors.

Dr. Yadira Medina

Phone: (210) 614-4466

Dr. Yadira Medina is an experienced Pediatric Feeding & Speech Therapist with over 10 years of experience in the San Antonio area. Stepping Stones Pediatric Clinic is the only doctor-owned speech therapy clinic in San Antonio thanks to Yadira and her over 25 certifications.